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ABC COLOREX is the largest service powder paint shop in Poland and a modern metalworking department offering services in the field of sheet metal laser cutting, CNC press brake bending, milling and welding.

ABC Colorex is also a strong and stable company which, thanks to its many years of experience and professionalism of its employees, can look into the future with confidence. Modern technologies and cooperation with scientific institutions in the country and around the world allow us to follow the changing trends of the industry in order to serve customers and be always one step ahead of the competition.

Thanks to a wide offer that enables comprehensive service, ABC Colorex carries out orders for contractors from the construction, electromechanical, lighting, railway and automotive sectors.


varnished profiles per year

14,000,000 pieces

varnished details annually

2,500 orders

sprayers monthly



Development, innovation and history

The origins of the company date back to 1990. Two years later, the first Powder Technology Center is established. In 2000, the company opens one of the most modern plants in Poland. A year later, the company becomes a member of the Association of Aluminum Surface Treatment Contractors QUALIPOL and thanks to the quality of services offered, it receives the Qualicoat certificate No. 1505. The development is gaining momentum. The following years bring the opening of the third plant and the expansion of the existing ones. A fully automated line dedicated to the automotive industry with nine-stage surface preparation is put into service. The company also implements an innovative solution combining powder coating with hot-stamping, which gives the possibility of obtaining the effect of wood, marble, etc. In 2008, the company opens a department providing metalworking services, thanks to which the company's offer is extended with services such as: laser cutting, bending, welding, punching.

Four years later, in 2012, another, fully automated line with surface preparation with chrome-free treatment is created. In 2017, a new production hall with an area of ​​8,000 m2, dedicated to a line for large-size constructions and vertical paint shop for aluminum profiles, is commissioned. Currently, 15 painting lines and a sheet metal working department with an extensive machine park are working for the company's success.


satisfied customers


lines for
powder coating


lasers for
metal cutting




We have been investing in our knowledge and experience for many years, which is confirmed by many certificates granted to us.


Qualicoat is the international Quality Mark for paint coatings on aluminum products used in architecture. The architectural industry requires products of high decorative value, but also products that are durable and resistant to external factors.

The use of the best available technologies and means of production, as well as compliance with the Qualicoat Technical Requirements, allows us to obtain coatings that meet the above conditions. Thanks to the QUALICOAT certificate | license No. 1505, paint coatings made at ABC Colorex, for a very long period of use, maintain adhesion to the substrate and constitute a tight protective layer.

ISO 9001:2015

In 2006, ABC Colorex received the ISO 9001: 2001 certificate in the field of powder coating. The certification audit was carried out by one of the leading DEKRA-INTERTEK certification bodies. In 2019, we successfully passed the recertification audit, thus moving to the newer version of the standard - ISO 9001: 2015, which also covers our metalworking department.

The ISO certificate we have is a guarantee that all our services will always be repeatable and of high quality.


In order to ensure high quality of the services provided, ABC COLOREX Sp. z o.o. has implemented a quality policy, which consists in establishing strict criteria and requirements with regard to machining technologies and establishing criteria for self-control in the production plant.

Our paint shop has a certified, in accordance with the requirements of QUALICOAT, under which we also have the Seaside certificate, a laboratory whose equipment allows for constant supervision over the parameters of working baths and coatings on finished products. The laboratory staff, whose task is to conduct daily in-house control and documentation related to the processes, is responsible for the correctness of technological processes.

Tests carried out by our laboratory:

  • gloss control
  • coating thickness measurement
  • adhesion test
  • Buchholtz hardness test
  • polymerization test
  • cupping test
  • bending test
  • impact resistance test
  • Boiling water test
  • badania w komorze solnej