Sheet bending

Sheet bending is one of the forms of material processing.

It consists mainly in changing its curvature in a manner consistent with the assumed and previously established design.


There are three basic bending methods which are distinguished here by the equipment used:

  • bending on presses, performed using press tools
  • bending with rolls
  • bending by drawing


The sheet bending process also involves three stages that are necessary to obtain the required shape in a permanent and efficient way. These stages are as follows:

  • elastic bending
  • plastic bending
  • sizing


Our extensive machine and tool park allows for standard and unique implementations.


The following are parameters which are important to know before ordering sheet bending:

  • 7 bending brakes
  • 170 tonnes – maximum pressure force
  • 4250 mm – maximum length of bent material
  • 8 mm – maximum thickness of bent material
  • +/- 0,05 mm – bending accuracy

Sheet bending