Powder coating

Powder coating is one of the most effective and durable methods of coating metals.

It consists of three successive stages. Those are:


  • mechanical and chemical preparation of the surface, which must be properly cleaned
  • application of powder coating electrostatically
  • polymerization (hardening) of the applied coating at 160-230 °C


Powder coatings guarantee a smooth surface with very high chemical and mechanical resistance. This is what distinguishes them from traditional paints and lacquers used in industry and production.

Powder coating increases the surface’s resistance to abrasion, which is much higher than with solvent-based paints.

Powder coating is also much more environmentally friendly than traditional painting.

This is because powder coatings are safe for the environment and the process does not require any solvents.

Powder coating can be used:

  • by manufacturers of aluminium systems
  • by façade manufacturers
  • by aluminium profile press shops
  • in the automotive industry
  • in the railway industry
  • in the road industry / for acoustic screens;
  • in fencing systems
  • by manufacturers of various machinery and devices
  • by manufacturers of gutter systems
  • by manufacturers of lighting systems
  • for household appliances


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