DECOR wood-like coating

As part of our operation, we offer DECOR wood-like coatings. These involve a special manufacturing technology which consists in transferring the pattern from the carrier (which is usually a film) to a surface previously covered with a special powder coating.

The result is a durable, yet decorative coating that strikingly resembles the wood (e.g. pine, oak, beech, etc.), marble or any other pattern from the palette.


Such a wide application of this technology is due to its numerous advantages, i.e.:

  • original, aesthetic and decorative appearance
  • wide range of available patterns
  • high mechanical and chemical resistance
  • resistance to external conditions
  • permanent gloss and colour for many years
  • perfectly smooth surface
  • ecology


This technology is used for coating:

  • profiles and sheets
  • façade panels, doors, etc.
  • windowsills, flashing, blinds, shutters, etc.
  • selected landscape architecture elements
  • device housings and many others


Maximum profile dimensions: 7,00 m x 1,00 m x 0,16 m

Maximum sheet area: 1,25 m x 2,50 m