Anodising is a surface treatment involving the electrolytic formation of an oxide layer on the metal surface. The result of the process is to produce a coating with increased resistance to corrosion and abrasion, as well as the durability and aesthetic appearance of the post-anodised component.

The anodising plant of ABC Colorex makes it possible to make

  • Preanodes as an alternative surface preparation of aluminium in the powder coating process
  • Anodes with the possibility of an electro-staining process

The range includes anodic coatings with a thickness of 5-25µm and electro-staining in the following colours

  • C-0 natural
  • C-31 light champagne
  • C-32 champagne
  • C-33 olive
  • C-34 brown
  • C-35 black

Methods of mechanical surface preparation before anodising

  • Shot peening
  • Brushing

Parameters of the ABC Colorex anodising line

  • The anodising line allows for the treatment of aluminium components with dimensions: length 7000 mm, height 2400 mm width 200 mm.
  • The maximum area of a single batch for an anodising bath is 100m2.
  • The process line is controlled by four fully automated overhead cranes, which operate a sequence of 24 process baths, including three anodising baths and two-stage cold and hot sealing baths.

The high quality of the anodic coatings produced is confirmed by tests carried out in our new laboratory:

  • coating thickness measurements
  • weight loss test
  • olour spot test
  • abrasion resistance test of the coating
  • analysis of bath concentrations.

The construction of the pilot line was part of the project ‘Development of a technology for the production of anti-corrosive anodic oxide coatings with improved effectiveness on aluminium surfaces’, co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Smart Growth Programme. The project was carried out as part of a competition held by the National Centre for Research and Development: Fast track.